About PostGradU

There are literally thousands of Executive Education (ExecEd) courses in America, and we make them far easier to find, compare & select.

PostGradU allows you to pick one or more BUSINESS FUNCTIONS (such as Finance & Accounting), and in seconds see relevant ExecEd programs that can enhance your career and professional skills. You can sort by date, how far away from where you live, and cost. Easy.

ExecEd refers to academic programs at the graduate-level from business schools aimed at mid and senior level executives, business leaders, and functional managers. These programs are generally non-credit and non-degree-granting, but typically lead to certificates.

People take one or more ExecEd courses for five reasons:

  1. To enhance your skills/knowledge (see how many attendees put their ExecEd program on their LinkedIn profile)
  2. To attend a specific school you always yearned to attend
  3. To improve your career prospects
  4. To meet like-minded, ambitious current and future executives
  5. Because your company will foot all or part of the bill.

There's an ExecEd program -- or more than one -- that's a fit for you, a friend or colleague; Find it today at www.postgradu.com.